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Marine service
Department Manager
Marine service
performs major and minor service
projects locally, nationally and internationally.
These projects consist of rebuilds, up-
grades, repairs of electrical systems and
deliveries of spare parts and electrical
We are sought-after for complicated
projects in marine electro, which are often
carried out under pressure of short
deadlines. ACEL is organised to give the
Service department good flexibility in
terms of staffing and adaptation to the
needs of the different projects.
Optimal service – focus on costs
To us, reducing offhire time and keeping
the customers’ costs to a minimum are
important.This is why, in as far as is possi-
ble, our objective is to carry out pre-instal-
lation and service while the vessel is in op-
To do this, we maintain an open dialogue
with our customers, so that the assignment
is as well-planned as possible. As a result,
some of our most successful assignments
have been carried out on board the vessels
before they reach the shipyard for the
actual upgrade.
Examples of work that can be carried out
in this way are cable pulling, installation
of equipment and coupling of other
equipment that does not interfere with
the operation of the ship.
At ACEL we are, and aim to be, a global
collaborative partner for our customers.
Our service personnel are therefore
ready to face a challenge, even if the
project has to be carried out at unfamiliar
places. Enthusiasm and a will to succeed
go a long way. We want to go even further!
ACEL’s service personnel have
courses, which are required for working
for PGS in operation.”
Maritime Technical Manager, PGS Geophysical
ACEL offers:
Service agreements with ship owners
Service on ships and rigs in operation
carried out by service personnel who
have undergone safety courses)
Installations of owner supply deliveries
example:Top Side onWell
Intervention vessels)
Upgrades, retrofits and classification
of vessels all over the world
Tailor-made package solutions,
in collaboration with our joint
venture partners