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Switchboard factory
ACEL builds:
Main switchboards
Starter panels
Distribution centres
Bridge solutions
Controls and automation solutions
adapted to the customer’s needs
ACEL delivered excellent, creative and specially-adapted
solutions at the agreed time and with the agreed quality to
our FPSOAker SMART conversion project “DHIRUBHAI 1”
Helge Bjørge
Department Manager
Switchboard factory
Arild Hellem
Engineering Manager, Aker Floating Production ASA
develops, tailors and delivers
high-quality electrical system solutions
for marine and land-based projects.
Because of the way ACEL is organised, all
its departments are able to make use of
each other. As a result, the expertise
available in the different departments is
exploited to the full. This enables us to
guarantee our customers quality products.
Quality switchboards at the time
The switchboards are manufactured at
our Ålesund premises. Here, we fit all
types of switchboards solutions, according
to the needs and requirements of the
When switchboards are ordered, changes
in orders up until delivery are not
unheard of.
We emphasise keeping track of updated
drawings and supporting production
documents, to ensure that the product
complies with the most recent revision.
This calls for flexibility and an ability to
tackle the eventual challenges smoothly
and in a positive manner.We consider
this to be one of our strengths.
We have made it our profession to deliver
quality switchboards at the time specified,
and we never compromise on the quality
of our products.